After going through traumas and tragedies, dealing with a rare disease and experiencing three miscarriages, Blaise took charge of her life and became an author, international speaker, award winning advocate, and fertility coach.  This show will demonstrate how even though we experience setbacks and disappointments, we are not barren – We still have a destiny to birth.

This program will empower you to “blaise the trail” and get pregnant with your passions, dreams, and new perspectives.  You will learn how to remove the masks and be reflective. By discovering who we really are, we can then use that knowledge as a vehicle, which transports us into becoming the hero of our lives so we can breathe fire on this world.

This week’s topic is – Living My Illusion

Blaise’s coaching practice is based on the quote from Fred Devito “What doesn’t challenge you; Doesn’t change you.” She leads the charge by challenging herself and the world to take off the masks and be vulnerable so we can address root issues and grow. That’s how we can transform into the best version of ourselves.

Blaise sits down with co-founder of the award-winning documentary series Living My Illusion, Joel Van der Molen. In a Facebook/Instagram world everyone thinks Joel has made it. But when he invites Human behavior expert Tony into his world, a journey of self-discovery reveals the truth, leading to a decision that will change the course of his life.  

In this episode, Blaise and Joel get real and raw about the importance of living an authentic life.

  • Joel explains how most of the time people don’t want to be told to do things but by turning the camera on himself, he led by example of how to take off the masks.
  • What are the lies we are telling ourselves?
  • How does getting trapped in people pleasing distract us from living our truth?
  • What do we use to numb our ourselves? Do we drown our misery with alcohol? Do we exhaust it by exercise? Reflection is key to being authentic.

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Joel Van der Molen is an English Actor, speaker and Filmmaker, best known for telling his own life story in the creation of the multi award winning Documentary Series, Living My Illusion on Amazon Prime.

In 2009 he founded Vandercom, a Telecommunications Company being of service to UK businesses.

Then in 2019 Describing a feeling burning inside that he was not living his truth, Joel turned to Life Coach Tony J. Selimi  to help him understand more about himself and get his life on track. This led to Joel speaking and honouring his truth as seen in Living My Illusion.

Following his hearts true calling and joy of acting, Joel recorded the audiobook of the ‘A Path to Wisdom’, a best seller by Selimi. After this, came the idea to share his story and learnings about himself for other people in the world who maybe in the same situation and suffering in silence. Living My Illusion was born.

A Stardust Award Winner, he is in Sovereign Global Magazine, and features on the front cover of Film The Magazine where he is interviewed about his life transformational story.  For information on Living My Illusion visit


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