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Max Martinez- Special Finance Manager at Toyota of Hollywood, FL

In this episode of Auto Dealer Influencers, hosts Patrick Jarman and Marco Salinas interview Max Martinez, the Special Finance Director at Toyota of Hollywood in Florida. With 13 years of experience in the auto industry, Martinez shares his insights on the importance of multiculturalism in auto dealerships. Martinez emphasizes that his dealership does not discriminate […]

Tyler Cochran- Finance Director at Beaver Toyota of Cumming, GA

In this episode of the Auto Dealer Influencers Podcast, host Marco Salinas and co-host Patrick Jarman sit down with Tyler Cochran, the current finance director at Beaver Toyota in Cumming, Georgia. Tyler shares his background in the auto industry and how his family’s motorcycle shop inspired him to pursue a career in this field. When […]

Rahim Bhimani- General Manager- Motorvation Trucks

Rahim Bhimani of Motorvation Trucks: How to Succeed in the Auto Industry with a Hunger for Growth Rahim Bhimani, the General Manager of Motorvation Trucks, was recently interviewed by Marco Salinas and Patrick Jarman in the Auto Dealer Influencers Podcast. The podcast is known for featuring some of the most accomplished professionals in the auto […]

Auto Dealer Influencers KickOff Show- Patrick Jarman- Sponsored by TurboPassUSA

The “Auto Dealer Influencers Podcast” is a brand new podcast hosted by Patrick Jarman and co-hosted by Show Producer Marco Salinas of Pina Colada Media. In this first episode, they introduce the show and give listeners an idea of what to expect from future episodes. The podcast will cover the latest trends, news, and insights […]

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