Andy Curry is a Reputation Marketing Specialist who is passionate about helping professionals and companies develop a stellar online reputation so they stand out as the market leader in their area.

Today we discuss the online reputation issues facing professionals and businesses and how they can be solved. Andy goes over one of the most common obstacles facing business owners in developing a strong online reputation and offers amazing insights most people don’t know. Andy also gives a candid talk on how a professional or business owner can successfully create a stellar online reputation and stand out as the market leader.

The online experience has changed dramatically and that is to give 5-star companies the advantage. In this extremely important interview, Andy goes into detail on how Google, Yelp, Yellow Pages, City Search, Insider Pages, and several others are letting customers/patients/clients post reviews about companies or professionals they do business with and the startling effects it can have on a business.

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Tim Dimmick

Tim is an independent marketing consultant and owner of Grand Slam Marketing LLC. As an contributing reporter to Business Innovators Magazine / Radio and Small Business Trendsetters, Tim covers Small Businesses and Professionals making an impact in their community.