Toni S. Winston retired early from her position as a top-performing “Benefit Client Transformation Consultant” and is now a successful owner of a lucrative travel business. She is living the life of her dreams and is a top influencer in the travel industry.

Toni is a travel expert who is “tuned in,” a connector, the go-to person who people call to find out what is going on. Her expertise comes from more than her personal and business travels.

Toni has the unique ability to see and portray through a travel landscape economic classes, different religions, contrasting beliefs, and situations that take you completely out of your comfort zone. Her zone of genius is to serve to help you better understand the world and culture.

Toni was featured as a contributing author in two books in June 2020. Amazon Best-Seller: “SheCEO Let’s Go!: Remove The Excuse & Stand In Your Power”.

The second being; “Unselfish Women.”  And she was a featured author in the Global Woman magazine, September 2020.

She is a weekly contributor for Travel Thursdays on Celebrate You! – Women Embracing Wellness, a Facebook group. She actively attends the church where she works in her community and is a graduate of Alabama A&M University, where she is a financial alumni supporter.


EMAIL:  FreedomTravelDiva@gmail.com.

TELEPHONE:    (678) 235-8498

FACEBOOK:      FreedomTravelDiva

TWITTER: 1traveldiva

INSTAGRAM: FreedomTravelDiva

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