Rose Kathleen Morgan
I am a wife a mother and an author of a new vampire book called Realm of Vampires.
As an author who has PTSD from a very poor childhood, I encourage people to understand that PTSD is a response not only to war trauma, but also a reaction to many other forms of distress and shock. The symptoms of PTSD can be controlled with personal mind reconditioning methods which I have mastered over the years. I became an author two years ago as a way of freeing my mind from my memories.
As a person I am unique I believe in all things supernatural, I’m very outgoing and love talking to people I’m a good reader of people I’m blunt I’m polite but straight to the point, I’m motivated and very open I accept all people from different walks of life, everyone has a story to tell.
I love beaches; I love food and the smell of fresh cut grass. I love music and I love writing about vampires and the supernatural  
I believe love has the ultimate power to make us understand and heal the wounds of trauma and writing is my outlet for a better understanding of a souls journey

Mark Stephen Pooler

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