My guest this episode is Rita Yevzelman and her conversation is fascinating, educational and offers options to a healthy lifestyle, healing and power over any circumstance.  Rita is an energy healer and she is a believer in a holistic and nondual approach to healing and health.  She speaks to the opportunity to combine main stream medicine with a complimentary medicine. Rita doesn’t lean into the language “alternative” medicine because she believes it promotes exclusion as opposed to a complimentary approach to healing. Such an empowering approach to handling whatever life throws your way without losing dignity and self-control.   Take a listen and tell me what you think! Rita is offering a discount for anyone who writes in about this episode, so write to , get your discount and enjoy the experience.  

From the Host: Rita Yevzelman is a beautiful human being who offers hope, healing and options for some who may feel that they have few.  Her clientele is diverse, and the benefit is undeniable once you’ve had the experience. If we agree that life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we respond to it, then we can probably agree that this service is about controlling the 90%!  During our conversation Rita spoke in language that I relate to and that is about empowerment and control over our current circumstances.  Listen. Open your mind to the option and leverage the discount for an experience with Rita!  

Today’s Episode Talks about: 

  • Reiki Healing defined 
  • What should I expect from a Reiki session with Rita 
  • Who is a candidate for this service/ who does this serve 
  • Combining mainstream medicine with a holistic approach to healing and health 
  • Learning more about this service, healing and way of life 
  • Send Sherry an e-mail @ and receive a discount off of service with Rita 


Mentioned in this episode:  

Address for Reiki Healing: 7115 Orchard lake rd, Ste 140, West Bloomfield, MI  48322
Contact Rita for an appointment at:  248-701-9844
Email Reiki Healing: 

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