Nuna Isi Ma Shares How Her Powerful Rise Method Transforms Women’s Lives

In this episode, Dr. Tami Patzer talks with Nuna Isi Ma, also known as Spirit Dear Mother Nuna, a renowned story shifter and the founder of the Rise Method. Nuna has dedicated more than two decades to healing modalities, helping women reclaim their narratives and embrace their fullest potential. She is also the host of the Rise Summits and the Wise Women Rise podcast.

Nuna shares her extraordinary journey of leaving a successful business to embark on a four-year global spiritual voyage with her family. She discusses how this experience led her to develop the powerful Rise Method, which empowers women to transform their life stories into their greatest work. Nuna’s method is based on the acronym RISE – Remember who you are, Ignite your vision, Shine your light, and Evolve.

Throughout the interview, Nuna explores the importance of healing and transformation, as well as the profound impact of the feminine awakening that she has witnessed. She believes that as women step into their purpose and collaborate rather than compete, they have the power to change the trajectory of humanity.

This episode is a must-listen for any woman seeking to reclaim her narrative, embrace her fullest potential, and become a powerful force for positive change in the world. Nuna’s insights and the Rise Method offer a transformative path for women to heal, ignite their vision, and shine their unique light.

To connect with Nuna Isi Ma and learn more about the Rise Method, visit her website https://nunaisi.com/  or follow her on Facebook.

Tamara "Tami" Patzer

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