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Nicole Beissler

Nicole was a highly paid executive in the corporate world.

She has held international workshops, coached executives, traveled the world…happy and successful outside, but empty inside.

Suffering from depressive thinking, limiting beliefs, like not being good enough and feeling completely lost for many years, she subsequently had a severe breakdown.

A wake up call, which brought her thru Yoga and meditation to a complete new path. She learned to listen to her heart and soul. To recognize herself, in depth and has found her INNER GUIDANCE and PURPOSE in life.  Taking yourself seriously and following what is right and important to you, can mean leaving your familiar places and you need to overcome your deepest fears.

She is not only teaching this, she escaped the rabbithole and teach out of experience. Her “Burnout to Energy” and “Master your Energy” programs, help her clients to overcome their fears, limiting beliefs and eventually reduce their stress level. Her purpose is to support overwhelmed, exhausted professionals to get stress free and prevent them from unhappiness and burnout, connect them again with their soul that they live the life they deserve.


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