In this episode of Business Networking Influencers, host Marco Salinas sits down with the talented and driven Kerry Fezza, director of design at Kerry F Decor. Kerry shares her inspiring journey from the entertainment industry to the world of interior design and entrepreneurship, highlighting the challenges and triumphs she has faced along the way.

Kerry’s candid discussion delves into the highs and lows of building a successful business, emphasizing the importance of attracting the right clients, fostering genuine relationships, and navigating the complexities of networking. She opens up about her struggles with impostor syndrome and social awkwardness, offering valuable insights into overcoming obstacles in the entrepreneurial landscape.

Listeners will be drawn into Kerry’s story of resilience and determination as she shares her experiences in expanding her team, honing her skills, and continuously seeking growth opportunities. From her personalized approach to client service to her unwavering commitment to quality and creativity, Kerry’s passion for design shines through in every word.

Throughout the episode, Marco and Kerry touch on topics of rejuvenation, self-teaching, and the realities of entrepreneurship, providing a refreshing perspective on success beyond the glamour of social media. Their conversation serves as a reminder of the dedication and hard work required behind every entrepreneurial endeavor.

Tune in to this episode of Business Networking Influencers for a dose of inspiration, practical advice on business growth, and a glimpse into the transformative journey of Kerry Fezza in the competitive world of design and entrepreneurship.

About Kerry Fezza:

Kerry Fezza is the passionate and driven Director of Design at Kerry F Decor, showcasing a remarkable journey from the entertainment industry to interior design entrepreneurship. With a creative and empathetic nature, Kerry’s professional evolution reflects her dedication to personalized client experiences and innovative design solutions. Known for her genuine approach and commitment to building lasting client relationships, Kerry navigates the world of interior design with a focus on remodeling, staging, and providing comprehensive services that exceed expectations. Outside of her thriving business, Kerry finds rejuvenation in spending quality time with her husband, embracing downtime for mental wellness, and seeking inspiration from the world around her. Her journey exemplifies resilience, growth, and a continuous pursuit of excellence in the design industry.

About The Show Sponsor:

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Marco Salinas

Marco Salinas is an Amazon Best Selling Author and has co-authored a book with the legendary sales and personal development consultant Brian Tracy. Marco is a Business and Marketing Coach himself, having previously hosted a radio show on 930AM the Answer in his hometown of San Antonio, and has been interviewed on numerous local TV news affiliates.

Tim Knifton

Tim Knifton is the owner of RSVP Las Vegas, ITEX San Antonio and is a Sales Executive for Responsive Technology Partners. Tim is also a 3x Best Selling Author and a Serial Entrepreneur having successfully launched and sold a multiple- seven-figure business.