Formally trained as a Chartered Accountant, Matheo spent an immense amount of time learning and studying various disciplines in healing and human potential. He has immersed himself in diverse personal development programmes some of which he now facilitates.

He trained as a Professional Consciousness Coach in South Africa and later became a senior trainer and manager of The Consciousness Coaching® Academy in addition to being the financial director of Beyond Coaching (PTY) LTD, a coaching and training company in South Africa. He has personally trained over 200 consciousness coaching students, has mentored over 30 coaches and has also trained and examined high performance transformational trainers and teams internationally.

His focus now is to support people to get in touch with their own inner truth and inner guidance system as well as supporting leaders to harness their true leadership potential.

He is currently writing a book on how to increase self-worth.

Matheo believes that many of the challenges we face in the world are because of outdated belief systems and misperceptions which leads to miscommunication and distrust. When we resolve our past we allow ourselves to pursue our true potential.

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