Lidia Kuleshnyk 
As a Renaissance Woman and founder of, Lidia Kuleshnyk (aka Lady Apona) brings together 30 years of passion, expertise and wisdom in four pathways, for every stage of personal development, to help you live a Centered, Connected and Conscious™ Life.
Lidia’s Apona Healing Ranch offers Equine-Assisted Therapy and Equine Healing Retreats to help you return to wholeness through heart-centered, transformational relationships with horses.  Retreats are designed for your unique goals and needs, including private, group and corporate retreats.
Through her own incredible journey, starting at the age of 10, Lidia developed a deep relationship with horses, animals and nature. This connection helped her heal her chronic health conditions, master her inner power and reclaim her sovereignty. 
Lidia loves sharing her passion, vision and mission as a Thought Leader, 3 X Best Selling Author, Columnist with Expert Profile Magazine and Executive Contributor to Brainz Magazine.
Lidia is honoured to be a recipient of the Global Super Minds Award by Expert Profile Magazine, Global Women Leaders Award by Passion Vista Magazine and to be featured in Who’s Who Of The World Industries by Unified Brainz Group 
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