Kathy Basel Shares How AI Can Elevate Your Solopreneur Marketing

In this episode, Dr. Tami Patzer talks with Kathy Basel, known as the “AI Whisperer.” Kathy brings a unique blend of 20 years of marketing expertise combined with her intuitive coaching and healing gifts. She is on a mission to empower solo entrepreneurs or “solopreneurs” to master their messaging using AI and ChatGPT, helping them elevate their marketing and streamline their efforts to focus on what they love most – transforming lives.

Kathy has shared stages with luminaries including Campfield, and she’s here to share her expertise on how AI can be a game-changer for purpose-driven entrepreneurs. Join us as we explore the power of AI in creating content that connects and converts.

Kathy’s journey has taken her from event marketing and design to becoming a transformational life coach. She discovered the power of ChatGPT and has since been helping entrepreneurs, coaches, and healers elevate their messaging and marketing using this AI tool. Kathy believes that while many may feel intimidated by AI, it can be an incredible asset when used correctly.

The key, according to Kathy, is to dive deep into the psychographics of your ideal client – understanding their deepest fears, desires, and challenges. By crafting prompts that allow ChatGPT to truly understand your audience, you can create content that resonates and connects on an emotional level. Kathy also emphasizes the importance of repurposing that content across multiple platforms, saving time and increasing visibility.

This episode is a must-listen for any entrepreneur, coach, or healer who wants to streamline their marketing, connect with their audience, and ultimately, make a greater impact. Kathy’s insights and practical tips will inspire you to embrace the power of AI and take your messaging to new heights.

To find out more about Kathy Basel and her “Authentic AI Content Planner,” visit her website at KathyBasel.com. You can also catch her on her monthly webinars, where she shares even more valuable strategies for leveraging AI in your business.




Tamara "Tami" Patzer

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