Jody Harris is an award-winning problem solver extraordinaire, best-selling author and publisher, encourager, and promoter of passions. When Jody couldn’t find a way to zip her dress, she invented ZippedMe. When she encountered dirty toilet seats during her travels, she invented the non-toxic sanitizing toilet seat spray YukBGone. When Jody discovered the challenges authors had at getting credit and royalties for their work, she started a publishing company, Symphony Publishing.

Jody’s can-do, never-give-up attitude has seen her through several adversities to climbing the corporate ladder where she has managed multi-million dollar loan portfolios. Jody has been featured on CBS, Fox News channels, the CW and in Forbes Magazine, Today’s Innovative Woman, Women’s Health UK and No. 113 Branding Magazine.

Jody Harris was selected from over 5,000 businesses in 2016 to receive the prestigious Rule Breaker Award presented by Nextiva, along with a Stevie Award for best new product on the market. Jody’s products are available at, and over 65 independent retailers nationwide. Jody’s favorite saying is “The best is yet to come so keep doing and keep dreaming.”

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RALPH BROGDEN is a best-selling author, publisher, and radio host. He is a specialist in strategic communications with a professional and educational background in marketing, psychology and publishing. His work has been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, USA Today, The Huffington Post and hundreds of nationally-syndicated television, newspaper, and magazine outlets.