Founder of the House of Preeminence, Jenni Parker Brown is a visionary multi-potentialite. Her eclectic careers range from fashion retailing, the performing arts, fitness instructor, equestrian cabaret artist, award-winning gastronomy chef, published author, style and image consultant, magazine editor and Genius Consultant.

In 2017 she was chosen by the award-winning TV Reality Show, ‘Fix My Brand With Ali Craig’ as candidate and subsequently was invited onto the program as Mindset Expert and Assistant Image Stylist for seasons 2 and 3.

Jenni is a renowned Thought Leader who has developed world class tools and experiences for women with dreams as big as their hearts. Her quantum success business model is transforming the lives of many women.

Following your heart is Jenni’s principal inspiration. Her work is backed up by solid neuroscience, quantum physics, a passion for well-being and fulfilment, with a whole lot of creative muse and a mission to reveal to as many people as she can reach, the magic of basing their life on their genius and super-powers.

Jenni’s mission is to raise the bar on Personal Transformation through sharing the incredible and proven power of The Trinity Code™, a ground-breaking, quantum success model for the 21st century.  

Her proudest achievements include becoming a professional dancer at the age of 41 (after birthing two daughters born 18 years apart!), creating her own equestrian cabaret (yes horses!) under a circus big top, and within two years, turning a bankrupt, down-trodden hiking hostel into a 6 figure, fine-dining tourist attraction in the Pyrenees Mountains, France, where she lives.

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