In this episode, Dr. Tamara Patzer talks with Inthirani Arul, the chapter president of Women of Global Change in Vancouver, British Columbia. Inthirani has a diverse background as an ambassador, heart-centered human relations leader, inspirational speaker, author, and founder of Soul Path Discovery. She is dedicated to empowering single parents, healthcare professionals, teachers, and anyone seeking to become an authentic heart-centered leader.

Inthirani’s journey began at a young age when she cared for her blind mother. This experience sparked her love for caregiving and helping others, leading her to volunteer and work with the elderly and young people. She learned valuable lessons and gained wisdom from the elderly, which shaped her understanding of the importance of raising consciousness and connecting with one’s unique soul path.

Throughout her life, Inthirani has encountered struggles and challenges. However, her devotion to helping others and her desire to grow and make a positive impact have guided her path. She shares a profound experience that changed her life forever – saving her mother’s life at the age of nine. This experience instilled in her the belief that everyone has the potential to save someone’s life and inspired her to dedicate her life to caring for others.

Inthirani’s journey led her to become a counselor and a public speaker, overcoming her own challenges with communication and anxiety. She discovered the power of communication and the impact it can have on people’s lives. Through her own growth and transformation, Inthirani has become a heart-centered leader, inspiring others to discover their true gifts and make a difference in the world.

As the chapter president of Women of Global Change, Inthirani continues her mission to serve the community and help children and families in need. She believes that heart-centered leadership is crucial in today’s world, as it comes from a place of truth, love, compassion, and gratitude. By sharing our gifts, collaborating with others, and working towards a common goal, we can create a positive impact and leave a lasting legacy.

If you are inspired by Inthirani’s work and would like to connect with her, you can reach out to her by email at info@inthirani.com or visit her website at www.inthirani.com. You can also find her books on Amazon.

To learn more about Women of Global Change and their mission to empower and serve the community, visit their website at www.womenofglobalchange.com.

Inthirani’s legacy is continuously growing and expanding herself, as she believes that the more she expands, the more useful she will be in this world. Her mission is to speak more and share her message with the world, empowering others to discover their purpose and leave their own impactful legacy.

Join us in this inspiring episode as we delve deep into the importance of heart-centered leadership and the power of communication to transform lives. Remember, we all have the potential to make a positive change in the world.

Tamara "Tami" Patzer

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