I am a native of the Rocky Mountain Region, so I know and love the area. I spent a lot of my time growing up in the mountains at my dad’s ranch, and yes, I have gone on a cattle drive. For over 17 years I worked in Property Management helping people rent homes and handling any issues that could arise. I decided I wanted to help renters and anyone wanting to purchase homes instead. When I was a renter, it never occurred to me that I could be in a position to purchase my own home. I always thought it was this scary and difficult process, that I could never be approved for. After talking and working with multiple loan originators I found one that made it seem feasible and less scary. I decided that was what I really wanted to do. Take something that can be scary to so many people and make something that seemed unfeasible, feasible. I want to be an ally in this large step.

Outside of the office I am a history nerd and can listen to history documentaries forever. I am also a fan of dry wit and humor. I am such a nerd that I purchased actual Titles from Scotland. So, I guess you can say that I am actually Lady Terra Schrader. I have two boys, so I always have to be on my toes to keep up with their shenanigans.

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Mike Saunders, MBA

Mike Saunders is theAuthority Positioning Coach at Marketing Huddle, the author of Amazon Bestselling book Authority Selling™, Adjunct Marketing Professor at several Universities, contributor to The Huffington Post, and member of the Forbes Coaches Council – an invitation-only community for the World’s Most Influential Business Coaches.

Mark Rodgers

Trailstone Insurance Group is an independent insurance agency that represents multiple insurance carriers. Customers of Trailstone are not locked into just one insurance company, which allows them to find the best options for coverage and the best pricing available