I purchased my first home in 2009. It took me 8 years to save for the downpayment. I had been working in TV production producing and directing shows since 2003. Most notably the first season of Pawn Stars, Paranormal State, and Psychic Kids. In 2019 I sold the property as an investment and did a 1031 exchange. At that time I was able to turn a 1,1000 sqft condo into 17 doors (3) quads and (1) 5-plex. That catapulted my investment portfolio.

In 2022 I decided to leave my 15-year career as a TV director and become a broker to help teach others how to do the same thing. That’s what I specialize in now. Last year I did 27 transactions and roughly $16 million in sales, in my first year. I want to keep helping others learn more about the power and magic of real estate while continuing to grow my own portfolio. I am beyond passionate about this work. Not growing up with financial literacy, I see this as an incredible way to help teach others. This is a true blessing and honor.

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Mike Saunders, MBA

Mike Saunders is theAuthority Positioning Coach at Marketing Huddle, the author of Amazon Bestselling book Authority Selling™, Adjunct Marketing Professor at several Universities, contributor to The Huffington Post, and member of the Forbes Coaches Council – an invitation-only community for the World’s Most Influential Business Coaches.

Mark Rodgers

Trailstone Insurance Group is an independent insurance agency that represents multiple insurance carriers. Customers of Trailstone are not locked into just one insurance company, which allows them to find the best options for coverage and the best pricing available