Duane Smith brings strong shifts in perception about building public speaking confidence in this interview full of insights, tips and stories. Duane is a public speaking professor and coach, and the creator of the Empowering Speech program. He helps people organize their minds, compose their words, find their voices and deliver credible and confident presentations every time they are privileged to speak. His clients include but are not limited to: CEO’s, CFO’s, trial attorneys, studio executives, TV-film and movie producers, actors, medical doctors, union leaders, police officers, engineers, marketing firms, entrepreneurs, clergy, foreign diplomats, and a growing list of motivated children as young as 11 years old. To learn more about Duane, visit publicspeakinglosangeles.net.

Ana Rosenberg

A 7-time best-selling author, Ana Rosenberg is an advocate for the success of modern professionals, experts and entrepreneurs who are changing the world with their good work. She is a host of Business Innovators Radio and a contributor to the Huffington Post. For more info, visit anarosenberg.com