Diane Bovalino is an accomplished and certified energy healer, yogi, and spiritual coach who found her way back to health after being diagnosed with breast cancer.  As a now 16-year survivor, Diane with a kind and empathic heart, allows her clients to express their needs and offers specialized techniques to heal their mind, body and soul.
Diane is the owner of Lotus Soul Healing Arts, LLC. It is an energy healing art center that is focused on assisting the individual on their healing journey. She focuses on working with the individual as their Holistic Spiritual Health Coach. Diane’s mission is to help women and men transform their challenges in life into confidence and clarity so they can feel empowered and heal to live their best life through Reiki, Reflexology, Yoga, Meditation, and Spirituality classes.   Diane offers all of her programs – Hybrid style, online and in-person.

Mark Stephen Pooler

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