Diana Scott Sho is a Baker and the Founder of Luscious Little Dessert Company in Westchester, NY that specializes in Southern desserts.

She attended Peter Kump’s New York Cooking School and then became a professional organizer for many years, specializing in moving the elderly from apartments into assisted living facilities. Her ongoing love of cooking and baking led her to bring home-baked treats to her organizing clients.

A young friend who needed help to earn some additional money urged Diana to let her sell her southern-style baked goods door-to-door to Harlem businesses — and they were a hit! This gave Diana the confidence to leave professional organizing and start The Luscious Little Dessert Company.

In this interview, Diana shares her story of success and adversities with her baking business that you will find inspiring, all stemming from her all-natural, single-serving southern desserts that were inspired by her great-grandmother’s recipes and are now sold at numerous salons and farmers’ markets in Upper Manhattan.

She also shares some advise to inspiring bakers that want to open up their own baking companies.

To Learn More

Visit her website – http://lusciouslittledesserts.com

Facebook Page – http://facebook.com/TheLusciousLittleDessertCompany

Twitter – http://twitter.com/ScottSho

Instagram – http://instagram.com/diana.scottsho/

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