David Bell is a Realtor with Kentucky Select Properties in Louisville, KY and specializes in serving clients who are looking to buy or sell property in the Louisville and surrounding area. After practicing law for many years, David decided in 1990 to pursue his real love, real estate.  He loves buying and renovating older homes and finding the right home for his clients.  David was a former Rookie of the Year and is a consistent top producer, so it proves real estate was a good match. David’s spare time is spent reading, playing tennis and walking, and he served many years as entertainment coordinator for his dog Cassie, a Sheltie.  He is a graduate of Georgetown College and the University of Louisville School of Law. He also served as the past president of the Kentucky branch of the English-Speaking Union and was chairman of the scholarship committee for many years. He is a board member of the Woosley Foundation and enjoys funding local charities every December. David was the editor of his college newspaper and enjoys writing as well as reading. He is a former book reviewer for The Courier-Journal and was a columnist and contributing writer at Louisville Magazine for many years. In this interview, David shares his insight into his transition into the real estate industry and shares what has help him to become a successful realtor and also shares his experiences that could help those how wish to do the transaction on their own. To Learn More Visit his website – http://kyselectproperties.com/agents/389/david-bell LinkedIn Page – https://linkedin.com/in/david-bell-188b9528

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