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What is the Move For Wellness? Officially the Move For Wellness started on February 1 2021, right in the middle of a global lockdown. The reason we launched it was simple, we in the UK were in the middle of winter, often far too cold or wet to go for a walk so it meant most people were binge watching on Box Sets and eating junk food and getting MISERABLE.
However, it is a proven fact that to feel good about life you need to raise your endorphins and there are 4 ways generally to do this: 1) Exercise including dance 2) Laughter, how do you feel when you hear someone else laugh or watch a comedy, 3) Cuddle a pet or 4) Intimate pleasure. Now for obvious reasons we could only address one of these four EXERCISE. During lockdowns there were many amazing P.T’s (personal trainers) sharing exercise programmes which encouraged people to be active in their own homes, for many the thought of doing a 20-30 minute exercise class was TERRIFYING. These are people who would love to get fit but often they are suffering from a debilitating illness or stuck in one room apartment or feeling blue and the last thing they wanted to do was follow a fitness programme, in fact most P.T’s will tell you the number of people taking part would drop considerably, so we decided to do something about it and came up with the daily Move For Wellness exercise session.
Each session lasts for 2.21
minutes, so anyone watching can chose how many times they want to do it. We hoped that we would appeal to a cross section of people able bodied and not so able bodied. We were delighted when we were joined by the amazing Nancie from Texas who suffers from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which following an accident has meant Nancie is mostly in a wheelchair. However, Nancie has been attending rehab and started to see our daily Twitter posts and now adapts every single exercise so that a disabled person can take part. Or how about Ngufan a single mother from Nigeria, who is a teacher who after starting to take part remembered that she loved dancing, and every day she puts on some music and just dances. Ngufan has told me that she now has found that she actually now enjoys her life and because she is happy her 5 year old son is also happy and they often just laugh.
We are so proud that we now have over 100,000 globally people taking part.
However, the exercise programme is just one part of what the Move For Wellness is about, it is also about raising a small amount of money £365,000
We are on all social media platforms Facebook @Moveforwellness – Twitter @MoveWellness21 – Instagram @Moveforwellness21 – TikTok @Moveforwellness

Mark Stephen Pooler

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