Darla Rae is an award-winning filmmaker and CEO of Film It Productions. She is known for making films that motivate, uplift, inspire, educate, and entertain audiences while raising awareness and championing causes. Her films have covered SCI, rare brain malformations, deafness, and now breast cancer.

Courageous Warriors; Beauty from the Ashes is Rae’s latest endeavor and passion project. Her feature length documentary is filmed from a unique and rare point of view that showcases survivors, caregivers and newly diagnosed patients and offers hope, education, and alternative approaches for healing. Currently on the festival circuit. Soon to be released with various platforms.

Rae spent her first 18 yrs doing live theater in Los Angeles before moving into film.  Rae’s passion and unlimited creativity along with her business experience produces products of excellence.

Darla is an Alumna of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and 30 plus yrs of experience with multi-million-dollar contracts, budgets, and schedules for various aerospace companies, including NASA and Space Station.

Mark Stephen Pooler

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