Danna is a Boulder County native and has been in real estate for 17 years. Prior to that, she was a local Sheriff’s deputy. She believes that experience gave her a skill set for helping people and problem solving.  She works primarily by referral and have a strong base of law enforcement and military support. After all these years she still have a great passion for what she does.

Danna loves helping people, especially in this difficult market. Anyone can sell in an easy market, the professionals come out in these hard times. The satisfaction of getting her buyers under contract fuels her spirit. She loves being that trusted advisor to her clients/friends.

To learn more about Danna visit: http://thehinzgroup.com/

You may also contact her at:

Danna Hinz
The Hinz Group at RE/MAX Alliance
Phone: 303-901-3860
Email: dannahinz@gmail.com

Keith Dougherty

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