In this episode of Vegas Business Spotlight, hosts Tim Knifton and Marco Salinas sit down with Jenifer Page, the President of Champions for CASA. Jenifer shares her inspiring journey from a successful corporate career to dedicating her time and passion to helping foster children in Southern Nevada.

With over 3,200 children living in foster care in the region, Jenifer sheds light on the critical need for CASA volunteers. CASA, which stands for Court Appointed Special Advocates, aims to provide a voice for abused and neglected children within the child welfare system. Jenifer explains that every child in foster care should ideally be assigned a CASA volunteer, but unfortunately, there are currently only 300 volunteers available, leaving many children underserved.

Through Champions for CASA, Jenifer and her team work tirelessly to raise awareness and recruit more volunteers. They collaborate with local businesses and community partners, organize tabling events, and engage in one-on-one conversations to spread the word about the transformative impact that CASA volunteers can make in a child’s life.

Jenifer shares a heartwarming success story of a young boy named “Mark”, whom she worked with as a CASA volunteer. Mark had experienced multiple foster placements and disrupted adoptions, causing him to lose hope. Jenifer’s dedication and support helped him find stability, education, and ultimately a loving family through adoption. She emphasizes the importance of providing these children with positive role models who can open their eyes to a world of possibilities.

Listeners are encouraged to consider becoming CASA volunteers or supporting Champions for CASA financially. Jenifer emphasizes that even spreading awareness about CASA and the dire need for volunteers can make a significant difference in the lives of vulnerable children, breaking the cycle of abuse and neglect.

Join Tim and Marco in this enlightening episode as they delve into the world of CASA and discover how individuals and businesses can contribute to changing the lives of foster children in Las Vegas.

About Jenifer Page and Champions for CASA

Jenifer Page is a passionate advocate for children in the foster care system and the founder of Champions for Casa, a program aimed at recruiting and supporting volunteers for Casa Las Vegas. With a background in real estate development and a deep commitment to making a positive impact on her community, Jenifer has dedicated her time and resources to raising awareness about the challenges faced by children in foster care.

Jenifer’s journey with Casa began when she became a volunteer herself, assigned to a young boy named Mark. Recognizing the neglected upbringing Mark had faced, both academically and in daily life, Jenifer prioritized providing him with much-needed support and guidance. Through her advocacy, she helped Mark with his academic struggles and introduced him to new experiences, such as his first sit-down restaurant visit. It was during this time that Jenifer realized the powerful impact that a caring adult can have on a child’s life.

Driven by her belief that entrepreneurship should be emphasized more, Jenifer also shares her personal story of building a successful company in the HR technology space and her transition to a life focused on giving back to her community. She moved to Las Vegas to slow down and explore new passions, eventually finding her calling in championing the needs of foster children. Jenifer’s work with Casa not only feeds her soul but also enables her to make a lasting difference by providing support, companionship, and advocacy to children in challenging circumstances.

In addition to her involvement with Casa Las Vegas, Jenifer is an entrepreneur in the Las Vegas Valley, engaging in real estate development, affordable housing communities, senior housing communities, and various other business investments. Her diverse professional background allows her to bring a unique perspective to her work as a volunteer and as the founder of Champions for Casa.

Jenifer is dedicated to spreading awareness about Casa and encouraging others to get involved. Through her engaging storytelling and personal experiences, she aims to inspire individuals to become Casa volunteers and provide much-needed support to the thousands of children living in foster care in Southern Nevada. Jenifer’s work is a testament to her unwavering commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of vulnerable children and her belief in the power of community support and mentorship.

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Marco Salinas is an Amazon Best Selling Author and has co-authored a book with the legendary sales and personal development consultant Brian Tracy. Marco is a Business and Marketing Coach himself, having previously hosted a radio show on 930AM the Answer in his hometown of San Antonio, and has been interviewed on numerous local TV news affiliates.

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Tim Knifton is the owner of RSVP Las Vegas, ITEX San Antonio and is a Sales Executive for Responsive Technology Partners. Tim is also a 3x Best Selling Author and a Serial Entrepreneur having successfully launched and sold a multiple- seven-figure business.