Sandra Wigren is the Swedish TV presenter that became homeless.

Today she is famous for her speech From Pain to Power, and she works as an International Speaker, Artist, Author and Professional Clown.

Not only did Sandra survive the tsunami in Khao Lak Thailand 2004,

but she also survived all the pain that came afterwards when another tsunami hit her life and erased everything. With her insightful speech she has inspired hundreds of people across Europe and the United States, to face the pain and find their own power.

With 25 years of experience as an Actor and Artist, and a background as a TV Presenter, Sandra has the ability to inspire her audience and move them in a completely unique way. She uses her knowledge as a certified Personal Trainer, and Life Coach to guide her listeners in their processes.

She also use her clown character ’Mary’ to enlighten and interact with her audiences and their own inner child. 

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