Who is Héctor Rodríguez Curbelo?
Born and raised in Montevideo, Uruguay, Héctor graduated as an Officer of the Air Force specialized in Navigation and Instruction (where he served almost 16 years). A few years later, he obtained his second degree, this time in Science (Meteorology).

At age 28 he decided to leave his career behind and look for a new path as an entrepreneur. During the following decade, he lived two lives in parallel: as a professional specialist working for United Nations and as serial entrepreneur.

In this new path, Héctor managed to multiply by 50 his monthly earnings in a few years based on his companies and online ventures, while becoming an avid traveler, visiting over 40 countries.

Today, Héctor is a successful entrepreneur, author, mentor and founder of Sé el Jefe, the #1 online training and business platform for Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs in the world (with over 170,000 students) and 7 companies in 5 countries, including Red Hispana Club (an exclusive international business club).

Héctor currently leads an impressive online structure that rivals the most successful in the world, which includes:

https://seeljefe.com , with more than 170,000 students and 12,000 new visits per month.

https://hectorrc.com , your official personal site, which hosts your blog, with more than 5,000 weekly visits.

https://seeljefe.store , its main online store, associated with its Be the Boss system, with tens of thousands of visits per month and a monthly turnover of 6 figures.

https://seeljefe.net , your professional training portal (XXL series) and marketing.

http://seeljefe.tours , the entrance portal to your Live Events (currently focused on the Tour Sé el  Jefe).

https://redhispana.club , the official site of Red Hispana Club.
All this added to its two applications for Android (and soon iOS):
Podcast Sé el Jefe: https://bit.ly/podcast-seeljefe
Sé el Jefe – The Network: https://seeljefe.app (Official launch April 2019

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