In this episode, Dr. Tami Patzer talks with BARRY AUCHETTL, a Visionary leader in the field of holistic eyesight Improvement and personal Insight development. Barry has had a compelling journey of overcoming the need to wear glasses and even a brain tumor on his optic nerve. He is the founder of the Vision School, and his work is dedicated to helping individuals improve their eyesight naturally while also enhancing their inner Vision.

Barry’s journey is truly remarkable. Thirty years ago, as a school teacher, he was told he needed glasses. But instead of accepting that fate, Barry embarked on an experiment to see if he could not just stop the deterioration, but improve his eyesight. Through consistent eye exercises and a deeper exploration of the mind-body connection, Barry was able to not only eliminate his need for reading glasses but also pass a driver’s license test with 20/20 vision. However, this journey took an unexpected turn when a routine eye exam revealed a brain tumor on his optic nerve.

During the interview, Barry shares the key strategies and exercises he used to improve his eyesight, such as the simple yet effective “palming” technique. He explains how relaxing the eyes and cultivating inner awareness can have a profound impact on our vision, both literally and figuratively. Beyond just the physical aspect, Barry delves into the connection between eyesight and insight, exploring how our emotional and psychological state can shape our perception of the world around us.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in taking a more holistic approach to their vision, whether it’s improving their eyesight or expanding their life’s vision. Barry’s inspiring story and practical advice offer a refreshing perspective on how we can reclaim our visual abilities and unlock our true potential. Listeners will come away with a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection and practical steps they can take to start seeing the world through clearer, more insightful eyes.

To learn more about Barry’s work and his vision-enhancing programs, visit the Vision School website at thevisionschool.org. Barry is also offering a free 20-minute Focus session, so be sure to reach out to him at Barry@thevisionschool.org to take advantage of this opportunity.

Tamara "Tami" Patzer

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