Alicia Marie is a Business Coach and the Managing Director & Founder of ‎People Biz, Inc. located in Austin, TX. She has become a national leader in the field of coaching and training with more than 15,000 paid coaching hours. For over 16 years, she has coached managers, leaders and professionals on building lives, careers and businesses truly worth having.

Through her company, she has developed numerous tools to support and educate business owners, individuals and professionals. She is a popular speaker and workshop leader; she has written and led hundreds of programs on leading and managing employees, communication skills, health and well-being, fearless business practices and entrepreneurial success to clients, professional associations, and small businesses. Alicia Marie designed and delivers “Leading Change”, recognized by as one of the Nation’s Top Leadership Programs.

In this interview, Alicia shares her insight into her success and adversities in the executive & business coaching field and also shares some golden nuggets about how people can benefit from coaching and how to get started.  And… what one question a person should ask a potential business coach before working with them.

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