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Meet The Founder

Twelve years ago, I’d been working in the food, nutrition and skincare industry. I’d evaluated, implemented and conducted research for top companies like NOW, Unilever, and Nestle, but I knew this wasn’t my true passion. I’ve always loved skin care, makeup and beauty and wanted to create something with meaning. High quality ingredients, no harsh chemicals, and most importantly a message that uniquely resonates with an individual’s personal goals for growth and change.

​In 2018, I found myself opening our virtual doors. Since then I’ve been inviting you and anyone else on my journey — passion project, positive energy & self-growth campaign, and change the world movement — called POSITIVE INTENT.

Today I invite you to learn about us! About our inspirational products. About our purpose-driven ingredients. About our mission to create self-change, boost self-esteem; create honest products, that work—and our vision to empower and provide customers with beauty products that align with their beliefs.⠀⠀

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