Dr. Gregory Charlop improves the lives of retired athletes (pros and amateurs) with high-performance wellness solutions. His solutions include expert advice on diet, nutrition, sleep, supplements, and mental health.

Retired athletes know their bodies are no longer at their best. They no longer have a team of experts managing their diet and exercise routines. They notice that things are beginning to slip. Maybe they’ve gained some weight. Stamina isn’t what it used to be. The mirror is no longer their friend.

Dr. Greg was featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX. He’s the founder of Retired Athlete Health and the author of Why Doctors Skip Breakfast: Wellness Tips to Reverse Aging, Treat Depression, and Get a Good Night’s Sleep.


He founded Retired Athlete Health and created the Seven-Week Wellness Program to fill the team void for retired athletes. His program is designed to help clients reclaim their youthful health and vigor. His team of experts teach athletes how to use technology, foods, supplements and exercise to create a customized plan to fit their lifestyle.

Dr. Greg is a focused wellness expert who isn’t Dr. Google or your primary doctor. Athletes want someone they can trust to ask health questions. “Is it okay to have this much sugar?” “Should I take vitamins?” “How much sleep do I need?” He gives concrete answers to show clients an achievable and evidence-based way to improve their health and performance.

He uses telemedicine visits to boost athlete health from the convenience and safety of their homes.

Ask Dr. Greg: Tap into Dr. Greg’s health and wellness expertise. “Ask Dr. Greg” is a regularly published question and answer column for athletes. We invite you to ask questions free of charge with anonymity and confidentiality. Simply email your question to gc@gregorycharlopmd.com. Dr. Greg will respond in a timely manner on his site www.retiredathelethealth.com

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