Welcome back to the Front Seat 16, our new series from the Front Seat Life podcast! I am your host Jessica Butts, and today Gina and Rae join me as our ENFPs! Gina and I went to graduate school together and we both decided to transition from therapy to coaching because of the constrictions placed upon us, they just didn’t jive with our types. These two have learned that living and being in a relationship with someone who is the same type can have some amazing benefits. There are still a few challenges, but Gina and Rae seem to have figured out how to love and thrive with each other.

ENFP is probably my favorite type, and for years I wanted to be an ENFP and I would take the assessment over and over again. And I would come out in ENFP, which is gotta be hilarious to everybody who knows me, because I’m a super “J”, I’m very controlling, very organized, very long-term vision.

But I love ENFPs and so I would skew it to be what I thought I wanted to be because they are very raw, very loving, and open, and compassionate. They’re kind of named the “cheerleader.” They are enthusiastic. They have a lot of charisma. People love them. They are very fly by the seat of their pants, and go with the flow.

I feel like they’ve just got life figured out, but they just are so just spontaneous and enjoyable to be around. You want to be around them. They’re those kinds of people because they have this really beautiful energy. They are giving their best selves to other people.

They are great visionaries of the business. Absolutely horrible integrators. It is probably the worst part of them is getting shit done. They are absolutely not good integrators.

They are the visionaries, the Walt Disney’s of the world. They are the people who are thinking outside the box and then they must, must, must have somebody, a right-hand person to help them get all of those ideas done. Otherwise I’m very, honestly, they will never get them. They will never get them done if they do not have somebody to help them implement all of their ideas.

I hope you enjoy today’s episode. Gina and Rae are just a gift to the universe as individuals, but especially as a couple.

They are really open about their life and how wonderful it is and the things that as a couple, they struggle with, like not getting things done. You gotta listen to this wonderful conversation!

Cheers, Jessica

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