Welcome back to the Front Seat 16, our new series from the Front Seat Life podcast! I am your host Jessica Butts, and today we’ve got Courtney Anderson as my official ENTJ. It was a very simple choice for me when I was starting all of the Front Seat 16 interviews, it was very obvious to me that Courtney would be my ENTJ. Courtney is a former client and I would consider her a friend now, one who is super wicked smart.

As an ENTJ Courtney is sassy and says what’s on her mind. I think we’re probably like sisters from another mother, we’re super similar, and she has been an amazing student. She’s now a coach herself and she’s got a thriving business.

True to form, Counrtney breaks out her sassy side and tells us how life is when you are A Thinking Woman. She starts with some amazing stories when she was just eight years old and had a realization she wasn’t quite like everyone else, and didn’t care. The stories continue and she reveals some incredible tales I had never heard before. Truly mind-blowing, but on point for an ENTJ.

We unpack so many powerful concepts in this conversation, and if you are feeling like you are living an incongruent life right now, this may resonate. It may be a huge eye-opener and I encourage everyone to listen in, it’s a good one.

I certainly feel that there are people who will listen to this episode, and you may be one of them, maybe you hear yourself in Courtney. And that is validating. It is normalizing. And it’s so good for you to know that you’re not alone. You’re unique and that’s perfectly okay.

And stay tuned for more powerful episodes in this series, I’m so excited to bring it to you!

Much love, Jessica

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