Welcome, everybody! Today’s episode is a DOOZY. I’m going to ask you to BUCKLE UP for this ride. There are going to be some surprises. And I’m going to talk today about some things, thoughts, and ideas that have been stewing for a while now.

One of my core values for this podcast is just to KEEP IT REAL. When I started, I said, I’m going to be as transparent as I humanly can be while at the same time protecting the privacy of those in my life. It’s always essential for me to be transparent, authentic, AND OPEN. It’s one of my core values as a human being, as a business owner, as a woman, and as this podcast host.

So today I’ve got kind of four or five main things that I want to talk about. These are things I just wanted you guys to know about so you can get a sense of where I’m at, why I’m doing what I’m doing and what’s going on with my life.

Because as you know, I teach this stuff, yet I still even struggle with it. It’s just a thing. We are always in this PROCESS OF EVOLUTION, and we’re always learning more things about ourselves. You’re never just done. You’re never going to be like, “Okay, I’ve got this figured out.”

I’ve been thinking about this episode for quite a few weeks, and I was like, wow, I just need to say all of this stuff. So I hope you listen and get all of the details, the good, the challenging, all of it.

If I’ve been pulling away, this is what’s been going on. And so I hope you’ll go on this journey with me because I’m amazed at how wonderful that this can feel to be “SOULFISH,” to be unapologetically who you are, to understand your type, to take time by yourself to re-evaluate what’s working for you and not what’s working for you.

I think that’s one of the biggest things, we get to decide. I hear this all the time. “I can’t.” Yes, you can. YES, YOU CAN. I can.

The beauty of being an entrepreneur and being an intuitive type is that we get to do this stuff. Alright, I will see you next week. I’m jumping in. The new series starts next week, so you don’t want to miss the series… four weeks in a row.

Okay, bye guys. Thanks again for everything. I so appreciate you.

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James Hamilton Healy

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Jessica Butts

Jessica Butts is a retired psychotherapist turned Author, Motivational Speaker, and Business Coach who focuses on strategies, tips, and mindset tools to help you “be unapologetically who you are” in your life, love and business!