All right, Front Seat Lifers, I have a SPECIAL GUEST with me today. If you’ve been following along, you listened to last week where I got super vulnerable, super real about why I wholeheartedly believe that COVID is happening for me, not to me.

My guest today, Tarzan Kay, and I were both LAUNCHING while the pandemic was peaking. And today we talk about all kinds of things related to OUR EXPERIENCES, the lessons we learned, and so much more. I mean we even talk about household chores, whether God is male or female, entrepreneurship, and a host of topics inspired by our mutual desire to serve our communities.

We also realized that the pandemic wasn’t going to stop us from our plans. As a successful entrepreneur, you do have to have A PLAN. It’s not just throwing spaghetti at the wall. Then we still have a massive BELIEF in what we’re putting out into the world, with full integrity.

For both of us, we had big sales targets, high hopes. We ALWAYS PUSH ourselves and the goals were a stretch before the pandemic. Even though we didn’t achieve those goals, we’re both proud of the efforts of both teams.

And Tarzan pointed out that, “There’s always a ripple effect. I call it the LAUNCH HALO. It’s like every time you launch something, every time you put yourself out there in this way where you’re very public, very clear on what you’re here to teach, how you can help…

“And you’re sending lots of emails and social media posts and you’re really banging your pots and pans about what you do. So much happens, so many more people become aware of what they could achieve through working with you. And things happen.”

In the end we’ve realized it’s the same stuff at every level. Am I having fun? Is this in ALIGNMENT with my core values? Is it in alignment with my life or my business? Is it alignment with my personality type? Am I pushing a boulder up a hill?

For me, if you listened last week, you’ll know that my launch was starting to feel like a TRAIN speeding down the tracks, OUT OF COTROL. I’m glad I took a moment to step back and pause and realize is that maybe it’s not worth it. I had to ask myself some tough questions… How can I be smart? How can I connect with my people? How can I still be of service? I revisited my theme words: Focused leadership, Visionary, Have Fun, Self-Soothing, and Love and Partnership.

Tarzan added one little addendum, “You still have to do hard things.”


I’m actually grateful for this crazy pandemic right now, because it’s giving me this opportunity to pause and really reevaluate. What do we want?

Please check out Tarzan and all her things, she is amazing.

Thanks for tuning in to the conversation that goes both deep and wide, it’s a good one. All right, my friends, we’ll see you next week.

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