Welcome, Front Seat Lifers! We are on week four of the dichotomies. We have been talking for the last four weeks about introversion, extroversion, sensing, intuition, thinking, feeling, judging and perceiving. And today’s episode is one of my all-time favorites that I will probably ever do a because it is about my favorite dichotomy which is judging and perceiving.

If you need to go back and understand what judging and perceiving is, just scoot back to episode one and two. But a tiny little recap: it is how we’d like to be organized in this world.

And the population differential is about 50/50. But this dichotomy is one of my favorites because there are so much juiciness and richness in it.

Today’s guest is David Walthew again, he’s been on several episodes because he’s such a great example of somebody who was in my life and we were complete opposites in this area. In fact, he was an ex-boyfriend of mine. Part of the demise of our relationship is because we were so different in this area. I think you’re going to enjoy the stories and you’ll learn a lot about yourself through David’s stories and through my stories about what it’s like to be in a relationship with the exact opposite person.

So as strong “J’s”, we are very organized, more decisive decision makers and a bunch of control freaks. We like things our own way. We like to be in control of ourselves and other people and everything around us. “P’s” are much more “go with the flow.” They are undaunted by surprise. They’re like, “don’t worry about it, we’ll figure it out.” And we drive each other crazy.

“P’s” drive “J’s” absolutely crazy because they are people who live five minutes in front of their face. They don’t do a lot of planning and they just really go about the world in this beautiful, easy, breezy kind of way. And then there’s the “J’s” and we obviously drive “P’s” crazy because we’re a bunch of control freaks and we need to know what’s the plan, where are we going, what’s happening, what’s going on in our lives.

And when you can see these differences in a friendship like mine and David’s, I think you can learn a lot. Thank you so much and enjoy the episode.

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