All right Front Seat Lifers. I am coming to you hoarse, a little bit exhausted and FULL OF LOVE and excitement. I am in Laguna Beach, and just this morning, I finished my MASTERMIND with Kate Northrup. She is my coach for 2020 and I want to share with you my big takeaways from the three days with my mastermind.

This Mastermind was with Kate and ten inspiring, INCREDIBLE women. I was very humbled to be in the presence of these women, and Kate brought in a guest speaker. The one, the only, Amy Porterfield. It was kind of an “over-the-top” moment. I mean, we were all shitting our pants a little bit.

Anyway, I came away from this experience with a bunch of GOLDEN NUGGETS and loved being with these awesomely powerful women. You gotta listen to this episode to hear some of the GEMS, even if my voice is a bit rough. But one thing I realized was that we have the same systems and similar goals. We’re building the list, and we’re doing the webinars, we’re launching, we’re doing courses, we have groups, we’re coaching, we have podcasts.

It’s the similar stuff, but we need to do it our OWN WAY. We need to do it our way, BASED on our personality TYPE. We all must understand our differences, own them, and then BE UNAPOLOGETIC about it.

So, there’s no right or wrong way. It’s just we must know OUR WAY.

When we can step into that and own it for the first time in our lives, it’s such an unbelievable GAME CHANGER because again, if Kate’s trying to be like Amy or Amy’s trying to be like Kate or I’m trying to be like them or any of it, it doesn’t come off authentic. We leave ourselves, and we muffle who we really are, and the world needs who we really are.

There’s more to this episode, listen in. And I am definitely coming away from this super stoked to do more with personality type and help you all be unapologetically who you are, I’m going on a rampage!

Stay tuned. There’s some BAD-ASS STUFF coming. In the next couple of weeks, I’m going to start throwing in some “TYPE TIPS” into each of the episodes so you can get a quick little nugget of juiciness around all the other juiciness.

Have a wonderful, wonderful week!

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