I get asked this question EVERY TIME I talk about personality type. 100% of the time, this comes up because it’s very, very common.

The question is, “What do I do if I can’t figure out MY personality TYPE?”

So, that’s what today’s episode is about, if you’re HAVING TROUBLE figuring out your personality type, what do you do to figure it out?

And I have five main tips for you today. First, let me back up… It’s totally NORMAL. It’s hundred percent completely normal not to know fully what your type is, 75% of the population has trouble figuring out one of the letters of the four dichotomies.

They can’t decide if they’re an INFP or an ENFP or an ESTJ or an ESFJ. There are LOTS OF VARIATIONS. And again, it’s a very, very normal thing. So, today’s episode is to help you and give you the main things that you need to do.

Number one, ask yourself, WHEN did you take the assessment? I can’t regulate when people are taking the assessment, but if you are trying to get the most accurate read on you as a human being, don’t take it when you’re at a job that you hate, or when you are at work during a terrible day. I guarantee 100% it’s not going to come out accurately because you’re in that environment.

It’s not an accurate assessment of you as your best self. What you’re going to get is a reading of YOUR BACKSEAT. Let me say that again. You’re going to get a reading that’s more in alignment with your backseat, which is the exact opposite of who you normally are.

The number one tip is you must take the assessment when you’re MOST YOURSELF. That might be the first thing in the morning. It might be after a bath, or it might be after you play with your kids or while you’re on vacation.

And do a SELF-ASSESSMENT. You want to get the most accurate reading, and the self-assessment is the most accurate because you can take your time and you can choose when you’re going to take it. You can head to my site for more info on taking a self-assessment or do a quick search on Google or YouTube, but this will help a lot.

Next, if you are getting results showing consistency except for one letter, one dichotomy, READ THE DESCRIPTIONS for those types. You will likely have an “A-Ha! Moment” and you will know which one you are. Again, you can go to my site for more details.

All right. Those are my top three tips, shorthand-style. There are more, and I encourage you to please listen in to this episode to get the rest, especially if you are still having trouble.

Love you guys. Thank you so much for listening. Also, go into the Squad and introduce yourself. I want to know your type. I want to know if this helped you. Once a month, I’m doing some awesome, awesome, happy hour Q&A. We’re having some drinks. I’m answering all your questions. We’re connecting. It’s quite lovely. It’s 90 minutes of just awesomeness, so I can’t wait to see you — bye guys.

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