Front Seat Lifers, I am excited to bring you another sassy, INSPIRING, courageous woman, Ms. Jenna Faye. In less than two years, she and her partner Spencer scaled their business, Soul Meets Strategy™ into the multi-6 figure realm – and they did it all while traveling the world while being in a relationship together.

She is one of my Soul Sisters, I swear, and we agree on so much, which comes through during our conversation. I mean, we both worked in Human Resources before we had our “epiphanies” and got out of the drudgery that was not us.

“The light bulb kind of went off… wow, I can do and be something different.”

This is a longish episode, but well worth it, and you gotta give it a listen. We talk about both of our rough rides along the entrepreneurial journey. There are bumps, and people BASH YOU and you go down. And when we are transforming, “It rocks other people’s world because it also shines a light on them that they are not changing, and MISERY LIKES COMPANY.”

Evolving, TRANSFORMING, changing, it makes other people very uncomfortable. But don’t let that stop you.

“When you first start, you don’t really have any evidence. You have to start somewhere with that action piece where you grow the muscle a little bit more, and then a little bit more.”

Jenna tells us about the importance of ROI. It’s two things, the ROI, like Return On Investment, but also the RIPPLE OF IMPACT. And so many people aren’t making that kind of ROI that they’re capable of, or some people are way too much into the strategy which causes a disconnect in their vision.

“The idea of Soul Meets Strategy was to bring those two things together, that embodiment, the connection, and the actual tangible strategy that it takes to MOVE THE NEEDLE FORWARD.”

We go deep into the actual steps of Jenna’s philosophy, so similar to mine, because once you can connect and feel clear on your path, things will fall into place. And DON’T OVERTHINK IT either. So many people are like wronging themselves and thinking, “Is this the thing?”

The “thing” is what EXCITES you now! And how can you deeply connect to that? The three steps that Jenna thinks are the most important: alignment, strategy, profitability. Everything can fall into those buckets and we dissect each during this episode.

Jenna reveals that one of her mottos is “SIMPLIFY TO AMPLIFY.” I’m sure you probably agree, as I do, that most people are doing way too much shit within their business. They’re trying too many tactics, and then it leads to doing a lot of things, but none of them that well.

Okay, there’s so much more to the awesome and amazing conversation we had, you must check it out, maybe a couple of times! Thanks again for listening, and thanks to Jenna for joining me and for being brilliant.

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