Hello everybody, welcome. This is Jessica Butts, your host of the Front Seat Life Podcast, and today I have interviewed two different people to really highlight the dichotomy of this week’s episode, which is Thinking and Feeling. This is one of the most interesting dichotomies because it is very gender biased as well as societally bias.

Back in the eighties, John Gray wrote this book called Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus and unknowingly I think he was really talking about this idea that most men are Thinkers and most Women are Feelers. In fact, 66 to 75 percent of men are Thinkers and 66 to 75 percent of women are Feelers. So as a psychotherapist, I’ve always been so curious about the other 25 percent. These are the marginalized people in our society. The people who end up feeling left out and different and weird and unusual, and “Why doesn’t anybody get me?” And those happen to be my two different guests today.

First, I talk with Lindsey, a thinking woman, and an INTJ. She explains her perspective on what has been like for her to grow up as a Thinking woman in our society. And then I chat with David, who has been on another episode before, and his experience is especially fascinating, I think. Because he is a Feeling man who, in almost all his intimate relationships, has been with Thinking women and he was also raised by a Thinking woman. And so, it’s fantastic getting his perspective on this.

I think you’re going to learn a lot about your own type. You’re going to learn a lot about opposite types, and I hope you become informed and educated in a whole new way. So, enjoy.

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