Today, I want to bring you a bunch of different tools, especially for Intuitive types. Anybody who knows me at all knows that I am a strong, Intuitive type. My passion is to help Intuitive types.

Not that I don’t love you, Sensors. I do. I have plenty of them in my life. I have plenty as clients as well. But MY JAM is really about INTUITIVE TYPES because… we truly are the WEIRDOS of the world. We are only 25% of the population, and therefore we are met with all kinds of resistance.

We are met with CONFUSION. We are met with PUSHBACK from society, Scholastic schooling, and Scholastic tests. Nine to five jobs. All these things, and this podcast and my website and everything that I do are really to help Intuitive types because we’re different than the other 75%. And it can be tough at times to live and thrive in a world built by Sensors.

I feel all Intuitive types have this desire and dream to live a unique and different life. And today I want to talk to you about why it is HARD for Intuitive types to MOVE ON. And what do you, if you’re that Intuitive I’m talking about, what do you NEED TO RELEASE? What do you need to get rid of this year?

Last week I talked about ROCKS. And in that, I asked you specifically about who are your rocks, what are the rocks in your life? And then what do you need to get rid of?

Today I’m going deeper and piggybacking on that idea, but in a new frame of reference, which is why? Why is it hard for intuitive types to move on and release things?

I’m going to ask you two main questions today, and answer them too…

Why is it HARD?

What do you NEED TO RELEASE?

Listen in, and I know the answers to these questions can help you move on if you are staying, intuitively stuck on something in your life of which you desperately, desperately need to let go.

All right, enjoy your day after Thanksgiving. I hope you are having an amazing, amazing long weekend and I will see you next Friday. Thanks again for listening!

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