Hello friends, today is a little bit of a riff from Episode 40, “Ambivert Is NOT A Thing.” And I’m going to share with you my Front Seat and some recent realizations.

As I talked about in the ambivert episode, your Front Seat is made up of two different people, two different parts of your personality. One is extroverted, and one is introverted, and this is why ALL EXTROVERTS need time alone. And often, extroverts get this bad rap that they are always supposed to be out in the world and connecting and all the things.

And with introverts, I think they think people that they never want to go out and be in public or connect, which is NOT TRUE. Maybe they don’t want to go to a big, busy restaurant, but they want to come over and connect and have a wonderful deep conversation.

So, what I’ve realized over the last couple of weeks, and again, possibly the last month, but specifically the last two weeks, is my introverted part of my Front Seat has been feeling prickly, and I have gotten away from that half of my Front Seat.

I’ve realized we cannot forget the BALANCE of both of those people in our Front Seats.

So, I hope that this episode where I get vulnerable and share my personal experience around this helps you to understand that we need to balance this Front Seat. We’ve got to learn about it, acknowledge it, and learn how to communicate with ourselves about it… And then with others in our lives about it as well.

I hope this has been helpful to you. Again, if you need resources, please always, always go to my website, I do hope you will go check that out. I can’t wait to talk to you next week when we continue this conversation about the Front Seat and the Back Seat. All right guys, thank you so, so, so much for listening.

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