So this is always interesting, that I could pretend that everything’s fine and pretend that I am in my Front Seat and the reality is – I AM NOT. And so I wanted to take this opportunity in the moment to be as authentic as I possibly and to educate you on what this looks like and feels like. So on today’s episode, I want to talk about four main things and I’m wanting to use my real-world example right now of what’s going on with me.

I want to talk about what an extroverted BACK SEAT looks like, specifically what their baby in the backseat looks like. So in the backseat, there’s obviously the drunk uncle, which I will also talk about in fact next week’s podcast. Stay tuned for that… I had a HUGE new awareness around something that I was doing WRONG in my Front Seat that was actually causing my backseat. So I know that’s a little bit of a teaser, but stay tuned for next week.

Today’s episode, I want to do what’s extroverted backseat looks like cause I’M IN IT RIGHT NOW. What got me there and what gets you there? Also, how to deal with it in the moment, because sometimes they come out of nowhere. Mine came out of nowhere and I was like, “Okay, what do I need to do in the moment to manage this?”

And then, what to do next. Now that I’ve learned this lesson, what am I doing? How can I do it differently? How can you do it differently?

Okay, you guys ready? Here we go…

And as always, thanks for listening!!! I so, so appreciate it.

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