Are you conducting transactions or are you building RELATIONSHIPS? Is your business about connection or about dollars for hours? Are you actually LETTING your clients IN to see the real, amazing, unapologetic YOU? What would happen if you were AUTHENTIC and you shared your MESS, your struggles, strife, and your stories with love? Think about how much it would open up your business and how it might allow people to feel comfortable being real with you, too. Would it allow you to CONNECT more with your PEOPLE? Hell, yes! And if you aren’t doing it – let’s talk about how!

Join me and my guest today. Stacey Sorgen. She’s the owner of ModBody Fitness and Stacey Sorgen Coaching. As a personal trainer, integrative wellness coach, and progress coach – she’s built her business on honesty, transparency, hard work, and love. She meets people where they’re at and helps them find the strength to be themselves. www.modbodyfitness.com

Let’s get down, dirty, truthful – and connected. Are you afraid that you, doing what you want to do, doesn’t work on paper? Stacey was afraid to let people in because she couldn’t imagine a world where she could succeed in her field, could find an excited clientele, and could provide the kind of care and love that was congruent with her personality and core values. Because she couldn’t and wouldn’t show up in social media as herself –  it was costing her the connection that meant so much to her. Learn what her catalyst was and how she began.

Are you ready to show up and start to make real CONNECTIONS?

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