Zone of Genius? Zone of Excellence? WTF are those? Sara and I go deep today into defining these concepts. And we detail how we can get caught in our comfort zones sometimes, sticking to our Excellence and avoiding the discomfort that is required to push through to get to our Genius.

This wonderful conversation with Sara Dean, host of the Shameless Mom Podcast and Academy, reveals so many of the struggles we can run into as our businesses grow and require us to take on new roles, new duties. What so many of us do is jump in and think, “I got to do it all. I gotta do everything.” But that just won’t work.

Sara and I talk about how we often need to allow our Zone of Genius to evolve and how it is so important to listen to your body, which can often show you through somatic response what you should be focusing on, and what you need to be delegating.

Staying in your Zone of Excellence can feel great! You feel successful, you’re doing the things you are good at and it’s so comfortable… which is why so many get stuck there. But to grow and reach new levels, you must push past this and get uncomfortable.

Sara says, “I do the scary things and I have this firm belief that anyone can be Oprah. Oprah is not special. She is uniquely talented at what she does, but she’s not special. And all of us have those things in us.”

We have all these people that we look up to and we think, “Oh, well someone’s already doing that, and they have 7 million followers and a six-figure or seven-figure business. Why even bother? And we look at that and we don’t even try. And I think that for me, what I continue to tell myself is that anyone can be Oprah.”

“But you have to take the steps every single day. You must do the uncomfortable things. So I’ve just shown up and done the uncomfortable things over and over and over again.

This episode is packed full of inspiration and wisdom, and it all starts with your belief that yes, you can. You must listen to this one, it’s a doozy.

I’ll leave you with one final bit of awesomeness from Sara. You know I’m a huge proponent of a Morning practice, and Sara is too. However, when she first tried writing morning affirmations, she admits she thought it was “ridiculously cheesy.”

But now, after some practice and consistency, she says, “What I do is every morning when I write them, it gets me excited about what I’m going to do that day and it makes me immediately step into my power and recognize and acknowledge the direction that I’m going.”

Thanks again for listening, I so appreciate it! I hope this will help you to step into your power, and get you excited about the direction you are headed!

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