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In the Business of Community: Networking Amplified! Community, Connections & Success With TheCnnekt_NYC

Emily “Em!” McMonagle & Chary “Chary!” Sathea take a¬†Quanta D. Interview seat! In the first of Quanta D. Radio episodes, the Founders of The Cnnekt speak with Ms. J Spearman, to talk about their fateful new beginnings, their style of Networking bridge to build Community in NYC, and the ever-growing Professional Network and success that […]

William Jiang

Spotlight On Natural Health: It Begins With The Mental, William Jiang Opens With Guide to Natural Mental Health

Multi-Author, Web Developer, former Chief Medical Librarian, Multi-Linguist, Master of Library Science, Trailblazer of Natural Mental Health 2016; William Jiang, sets off episode I of Quanta D. Radio’s ‘Spotlight on Natural Health.’ In this episode, William Jiang BA MLS, on call with Ms. J Spearman, informs the Public of the importance and awareness of Natural […]

In Indie: Inspiring Art, People, Travels, Imagery & Copywriting Service of Ashley and Justin Create

In the first episode of In Indie, circa Spring 2017, Ashley Vannoy and Justin Baxter are best friends destined by kismet to merge their Art and skills to bring together the impressive Startup of Ashley and Justin Create. The friends and Business partners talk about their rapid rise, inspirations for Independent Art and inspiring Community […]

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