When Irene West’s parents sent her to the US as a young girl they did not send the currency she would need to become established, they sent gold. That was her real life experience that created her passion and the basis for her belief that everyone should own gold as a major part of their savings. She feels there will be a major economy crash and we should have real gold in small, one gram, amounts handy to use as currency.

You can learn more about Irene West by visiting her web site http://www.irenewestwealthbuilding.com/ or call 877-879-4542

Chet Bruce

Chet Bruce is a Best Selling Author, Publisher of two Authority/Consumer Advocacy web sites; The San Diego Professional Journal and The Chet Bruce Authority Report.He is also contributing iReporter for CNN and Small Business Trendsetters covering the leading experts in the fields of Medical, Legal, Dental, Chiropractic, Finance, Real Estate, Health and Beauty and Small Business.