No one is going to take better care of your money than you.  So why would you give it to someone else to manage.

Money is part of life so why not become an expert at managing your own money.  It doesn’t mean you can’t get financial advice but you should be the one ultimately controlling your money.

I’ve heard and read the stories of thousands of people who have lost money by trusting their hard earned money to someone else to invest for them.

Brokers and financial advisors motivation is to get the money from you and into an account so they get paid a commission.  Notice most brokers don’t lose money if you do, they make a commission whether your investment goes up or goes down.

So the answer is to become your own financial advisor, and it is easier today than ever with the internet and millions of pages of information to learn from.

Do yourself a favor and manage your own portfolio, I guarantee you will have a greater chance of making money and less of a chance of losing any of it.

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