Ep012- Michael Koch- Narcotics Cop to Addict to Therapist

Ep012- Michael Koch- Narcotics Cop to Addict to Therapist Rescue the Rescuer

Join Michael and I share our similar stories of struggle while working as first responders, losing it all, and rising up to use our experience to help others.

Michael C. Koch, BS, CADC II, SAP, is a 19-year police officer and former narcotics detective who now works as an addiction counselor at True North Recovery Services, an intensive outpatient program in Encinitas, CA. Michael is dedicated to helping all of those who suffer but he has a special place in his heart for the recovering peace officer.

Web: http://www.sandiegoaddictions.com/law-enforcement-professionals-need-help-too/

Find out more at http://rescuetherescuer.com

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Stephen Kavalkovich

Stephen was a Paramedic who also had the honor of serving as a rescue worker at the World Trade Center on 9-11-01. Now a grateful man in long term recovery from substance abuse, he has expertise in First Responder PTSD, Addiction Recovery Coaching, Intervention, Leadership, and Spiritual Studies.