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For firefighters and first responders, maintaining optimum mental wellness is a critical part of remaining active and effective on the job as well as at home.

Constant exposure to trauma, life-threatening situations, and the physical strain of working long hours on little to no sleep can negatively impact overall mental health, increasing the vulnerability and risk of substance abuse and addiction among firefighters and first responders.

My guest for this session knows this risk all too well.

Don Prince served for sixteen years as a firefighter and officer for the Brookhaven fire department on eastern Long Island and progressed to the rank of Chief before moving to South Florida.

Don served for a short time at the World Trade center site in the aftermath of 9/11 and continues to assist other responders in getting the help they may need with addiction, PTSD and other job-related issues.

As a Certified Recovery Coach and Peer Support Specialist, Don has worked with and continues to work with such agencies as Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue, FDNY, NYPD and other public safety agencies both large and small.

Don is a consultant and Lecturer for the Sweeney Alliance, an organization that promotes education and awareness to first responders about grief and loss, addiction resources, and other job-related stress.

Don is also the co-founder of the The 11th Hour Trauma Retreat: http://11thhourretreat.org

You are not alone.

Don Prince, NCRC1, NCACIP
Nationally Certified Recovery Coach and Interventionist, Peer Support Specialist, Patient Advocate

Find out more at http://rescuetherescuer.com

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